“As a non-UK resident with a daughter attending Foremarke Hall under Mr Richard Merriman’s headship, I have been fortunate to benefit first hand from the exceptional levels of pastoral care and educational guidance which enabled my daughter to very quickly settle into her new environment and flourish in both academic and sporting arenas.


I pay particular tribute to Richard’s engagement with me as a parent, and his ability to assess and act upon individual needs in an appropriate, compassionate and effective manner.  In my daughter’s case, the results speak for themselves with her achieving both a Scholarship and an Exhibition to Repton School.  It has been of great comfort to me to know that whilst I have been based overseas my daughter’s welfare, happiness and progress have been in such reliably competent hands.


With his evident management skills and experience, Mr Richard Merriman is ideally placed to act as a bridge between the UK Independent School sector, the international student market and relevant investor groups.”

James Elcocke-Harris - Trade Attache, Republic of Vanauatu




“Mr Merriman has a great vision to shape the future rather than be shaped by events. He is passionate about his responsibilities and his pupils. He is always looking to make improvements and drive schools forward.


He is a great listener, supportive, helpful, smart, always positive and enthusiastic.
He is just superb!”

Russian parent






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Independent Schools


Richard is able to offer expert advice to Independent Schools on how to enter into the process of establishing an International brand from initial expressions of interest, partnership, design and build, recruitment and staffing, curriculum, delivery, local inspection, cultural recognition, reputation and quality assurance to Governance.




For those families who are looking to avail themselves of the right bespoke British Independent School for their child, Richard can provide a full package of services which ensures a family has all the right information to make an informed and appropriate choice. For families relocating from Britain to various parts of the world Richard can provide an insight into choices available worldwide. Guardianship alliances can also be established.




Reputable investors are constantly seeking  both to partner with British Independent Schools and to find suitable investment projects. British Independent Schools are looking to expand overseas and establish either individual schools or brands.


Richard has the contacts and experience to help bring parties together. From franchise arrangements to joint ventures and indeed ownership, Richard can help identify key pointers for either party, ensuring each achieve a successful, reputationally strong and rewarding end game both educationally and financially. An additional key component is to ensure architects, design a school which operates educationally for the best advantage of all stakeholders especially pupils and teachers. As a Non-Executive Director of a construction firm working exclusively in the schools’ market Richard can make appropriate introductions.


Mentoring and Culture


With over 20 years of Headship experience Richard is extremely well placed to know and understand what makes for a quality head in this modern, dynamic world of increasing demands and expectations. From personal mentoring to full 360 degree reviews of Heads for appraisal purposes Richard can help ensure a Head is best prepared, supported and equipped to face and enjoy the great privilege and honour of leading a school.


School culture both as an educational and business perspective is crucial to success, Richard has worked tirelessly on ensuring schools both at home and abroad have a constructive, purposeful and progressive mindset which sets, meets and exceeds expectations. He has also taken this into business and is also a Non-Executive Director of a non-education company.